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At Allstate Auto & Truck Repair Inc. located at 3190 W Beaver St in Jacksonville, FL we know how important it is to keep your business vehicles on the road. We promise to give our fleet business customers high priority and get them serviced as quickly as possible.  What makes our services the right choice for your business?

Approved vendors of A.R.I., Donlen, Element, Enterprise Leasing, Enterprise Commercial Truck GE Fleet, GSA, Lease Plan, Merchants, Star Leasing & Wheels Inc.  We are a NAPA Auto & Truck Repair Shop with ON-SITE Fleet Service.

Some of our routine work includes:

1. Examine Repair Incidents – The purpose of fleet services management is to minimize repair requirements. Different vehicles will be prone to failures in different areas. Preventive maintenance schedules may need to be revised to eliminate failures.
2. Minimize the Number of Times a Vehicle is Serviced – It’s more cost effective to have a vehicle serviced fewer times with more services performed. The goal should be to service the vehicle no more often than the most frequently performed preventive maintenance service.
3. Incorporate Predictive Maintenance into Schedules – Analyzing part failures on certain types of vehicles can indicate average service life. Then part replacements can be incorporated into preventive maintenance schedules so the failure is avoided.
4. Include Vehicle Checks – Maintaining a fleet for another company presents a challenge in that the vehicles are not physically accessible. Usage can be inconsistent and average mileage or calendar time between service intervals may not be a reliable source for maintenance scheduling. Odometer checks can help determine whether maintenance is required sooner than scheduled.
5. Project Vehicle Maintenance Costs – Planning for operational expenditures is important for the fleet owner. Projecting maintenance costs based on service schedules is important. Also comparing maintenance costs to the value of the vehicle can support decisions on obsolescence and replacement.
6. Minimize Indirect Costs to the Fleet Owner – Any activity involving the fleet that is not directly involved in delivery of goods and services for the fleet owner is an indirect cost. From the shop perspective, when managing a fleet for a client company all activities that don’t involve actual maintenance of vehicles are indirect costs. Minimizing these activities via automation and process streamlining will contain costs to the fleet owner.

Licensed and Insured MVR 63814 - WHY Allstate Auto & Truck?

EXPERIENCE We understand that being without your vehicle is not only an inconvenience but is costing your company time and money. We know how important it is to offer you the best possible service and price. Our automotive repair technicians bring experience and the diagnostic equipment to service and maintain your vehicles quickly and professionally. Our technicians bring experience and the latest diagnostic equipment to service and maintain your vehicles quickly and professionally.

SERVICE   We deliver consistent quality service. By coordinating with your fleet manager to prepare a comprehensive maintenance schedule, and with our detailed maintenance records on file, we’ll get your vehicles back on the road quickly.  We provide estimates for all repairs prior to repairing your vehicle.

TRAINED TECHNICIANS   ASE certification means our technicians are well trained to deliver top notch, industry standard services to your fleet vehicles.

ON SIGHT MANAGEMENT   Our management team is on-site daily and is dedicated to ensuring the best service and care for your vehicles. If you have any concerns or questions, phone or talk to a manager right away.

VALUE   You receive top value for your company’s vehicle service budget with our competitive prices, and reduced labor rate.

Reliable, top quality work at a fair price – backed by an honest, dependable company – is what you can expect and what you will receive when you make Allstate Auto & Truck Repair Inc. your fleet services company.  We work with top fleet service programs and look forward to earning your business fleet business.

Trust your team of fleet vehicles to our team of automotive technicians at Allstate Auto & Truck Repair Inc. located at 3190 W Beaver St in Jacksonville, FL

Allstate Auto & Truck Repair Inc.

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